Free Stuff Fetish


Just a quick post during my lunch break, no big deal.

I came to the realization today that I have an obsession with getting free stuff–doesn’t matter if I need it/want it or not. I’ll find a way to utilize anything that has that FREE label on it! So today’s post is dedicated to all of the free stuff that I’ve gotten just in the past week…it’s a little scary!

HitFit FitFix Challenge (say that five times fast…)

So, as most of you know, I joined HitFit a little less than a month ago and I am addicted. I love that I’m moving for 45 minutes straight and I can feel the workout for days afterward #neverbeensosore. Since I’m lovin’ it so much and sweating for that dress in November, I signed up for the FREE FitFix Challenge, a 6 week challenge within the HitFit community to see who can make the biggest body transformation in six weeks through a combination of clean eating and exercise. I submit a food/workout journal every three days to keep track of my progress.

If I win, I get $100 to Lululemon (whoop!).

If I don’t win, I will have worked my butt off to look extra hot in my wedding gown. And that is a good prize to work towards :)

Toby Keith Brantley Gilbert Concert

Groomy won tickets on the radio to a Toby Keith concert in the Woodlands last weekend. Even though I’m not the biggest country fan, I wanted to go regardless. Who on earth would give up free tickets and extra time with your best friend? Not this girl.

Gotta get a foot pic :)

 We didn’t stay for Toby Keith but we did get to see Brantley Gilbert. Such a great performer! Even though the booze was $13 a pop for a 24 oz (ouch!), we enjoyed the concert and the extra time together!

The only picture I have is of pink lights—how predictable!

Vanity Light

Last week, I got a mass email from a student giving away some free stuff. Of course, I click on it immediately.

Ignore all the junk on my desk…

Welp, early bird gets the worm and this chick got a free vanity light–surprisingly very heavy duty.

I’m not a big gold fan so I’ll most likely paint it either black or platinum to match our new bathroom. And I looked extra special walking down the street with my treasure in tow–burglar or hoarder??? I don’t think any onlookers could decide….

Have a great Thursday!