Guest Post–Melanie

Hi all! HAPPY FRIDAY!! It’s been a while. I think my busy life is finally slowing down….and I just spilled tea all over my lap. Lovely.

The following is a guest post from reader Melanie. She is dedicated to spreading the word about the benefits of fitness, even in the wake of terminal illness, particularly cancer.  Since my mom has been an oncology nurse for 10+ years, this hits close to home!

Can Fitness Really Help Fight Cancer?

Unfortunately, it seems as though cancer is fairly common these days, and most adults know at least one person who has been affected by cancer. While cancer can strike anyone at any time, there are ways to limit risk factors and take active steps to reduce the odds of developing cancer. One of the most powerful tools in the fight against cancer is to focus on fitness. Here are a few of the ways that fitness can help in the battle against cancer.

Fight Obesity

Obesity has been conclusively linked to a number of cancers. From breast cancer to prostate cancer to colon cancer, reducing obesity can reduce the odds of developing cancer. By eating right and exercising, people can significantly reduce their likelihood of having to fight cancer in the future. Fighting obesity has a number of additional medical benefits as well.

Additional Cancer-Prevention Benefits

Researchers have noticed that fitness reduces the odds of developing cancer even among those who are not obese. The actual reasons for this are unclear, but studies have conclusively shown that those who are in great shape are at a lower risk of developing cancer regardless of their weight. Aside from smoking, general fitness may be the most important risk factor that patients can control, and those who exercise for heart health will also want to add fighting cancer to their reasons for exercising.

Make Chemotherapy More Tolerable

Chemotherapy is difficult whether you are fighting melanoma or mesothelioma, and all who undergo it will struggle at times. By taking steps to improve your energy level before chemotherapy has commenced, you may be able to keep your energy level high even during most grueling phases of chemotherapy. In addition, fitness has consistently been linked to mental health, so exercise may be able to reduce the odds of developing depression and anxiety while chemotherapy is underway.

Reduce The Odds of Cancer Returning

Even after cancer has gone into remission, patients will want to take steps to reduce the odds of it coming back. While the risk will always be present for those who have had cancer in the past, people who begin exercising shortly after their cancer has gone into remission will have a better chance of living without the recurrence of cancer. Even if their cancer does come back, exercise will help fight it as effectively as possible.

Stay tuned for Honeymoon Part 2 and some big news….

Day After and Part 1 Honeymoon Cruise

So I’ve had this post written for quite a while but with work I’ve been too swamped to even think about blogging. Since starting this new job, I’ve learned that February-March is my busy, no eating lunch, work 10-hour days, kinda season. Welp! I’ll be ready for next year :)

Here is the rest of the wedding festivities post and, in light of recent Carnival issues, a post about our honeymoon cruise. Enjoy!

The Day after the Wedding

2012-11-11 08.49.40

We woke up in our amazing hotel room at La Torretta and got ready to go to my parents house so we could say our goodbyes before the honeymoon. That morning went by so quickly, I wish we would’ve taken more pictures! I forgot to pack shoes for after the wedding so I wore my wedding shoes, athletic shorts and a t-shirt out of the hotel.

2012-11-11 08.45.36

Lovely, I know. Lesson #4: Pack your wedding night bag thoroughly and make sure you have shoes for the next day!

At my parents house, I remember eating the remains of our wedding cake (except the top, which we saved for our 1 year!) and chit-chatting about all of the wedding fun and how excited we were for the cruise. Before we knew it, it was time to leave and kiss the doggies goodbye for a week (which completely broke my heart). I cried as we drove away….and Matt laughed at me!

The Cruise

We stopped by our house to get a few extra things for the cruise that we had forgotten to pack. I guess wedding planning causes memory loss.

Matt’s parents drove us to the cruise terminal. The boarding process wasn’t too bad since we got there pretty early. A tip: Keep your luggage with you! Our HUGE suitcases fit perfectly through the security scanners and we didn’t have to wait for our luggage to arrive outside our room. BONUS!

After unloading our bags and getting settled in, we took our own tour of the ship and all its splendor! With 14 stories and over 1000 feet long, it’s safe to say we had a lot of ground to cover. 2012-11-11 15.03.30

When it was time to embark, we went to the top of the ship and got ourselves two extra spicy bloody Mary’s with extra olives. Matt’s parents parked in a nearby lot so that they could wave goodbye to us—such a significant moment! A loving mother waving goodbye to her baby boy as he sets sail with his new wife. Oh, were there tears from all parties involved!

We got dressed for dinner and enjoyed our first night on vacation.

2012-11-12 02.14.27

Day 2–Fun Day at Sea

We took this day to really get to know the Carnival Magic. Breakfast was always my favorite part of the day on our cruise. Room service is free so we had coffee and bagels in bed every morning. We would talk about our plans for the day and look at the activities schedule. I only wished that we had a balcony so we could look out at the ocean while eating our breakfast. That would be HEAVEN!2012-11-12 15.19.05

Ship Amenities

The pool wasn’t all that spectacular. Kind of gross when you think about how many people are on the ship (~5000). I’ll pass and just sunbathe!

2012-11-12 19.29.51

Bingo was a must. A chance to win $500 or your bar bill completely paid? We couldn’t get there fast enough!2012-11-12 16.03.27

Needless to say, we didn’t win crap.

Matt and I goofed off and played mini golf which was a lot of fun.

2012-11-12 18.52.312012-11-12 18.52.54

Ping pong was a bit of a disaster considering the wind.2012-11-12 19.09.17

Then it was time for our first formal dinner. Dinner was always enjoyable. Most of the couples in our section were honeymooners around our age, which made dining a lot of fun (I think Carnival does that on purpose)! We would get together and talk about what we did that day. The menu changes every night so you aren’t constantly eating the same foods–although everything was delicious!

2012-11-13 02.14.08We capped off the night with some cocktails and karaoke. Ready for Key West in the morning!

2012-11-12 19.13.50

Day 3–Key West

Key West was a BLAST! I’ve been to Florida before and have always loved the beautiful beaches but this place has more personality to it with lots of quant shops and restaurants. We didn’t have any excursions planned and decided to just “wing it” at port, which from my experience can be cheaper than purchasing excursions on the ship.

2012-11-13 10.49.53 2012-11-13 11.28.35 2012-11-13 11.36.05 2012-11-13 12.13.41 2012-11-13 12.13.50

It turned out to be a great plan because we found a parasailing tour that was $60 cheaper than what Carnival offered! I had parasailed before when I was about thirteen and remembered how breathtaking the view was. I just knew Matt and I would really enjoy it. Or so I thought…

The company that took us did a fantastic job of explaining everything. We had great music and a nice boat ride out into the ocean. However, I did not anticipate how much of a scaredy cat I am as an adult. I found myself shaking like a leaf putting my gear on. I really needed either medication or heavy liquor to sedate myself! Here I was 300 feet in the air attached to a parachute  tied to a rope tied to a speed boat. What could possibly go wrong? My palms are sweating just writing about it! Despite my intense fears, Matt did a great job of pretending that he wasn’t scared and distracting me with kisses and conversation—what a great husband! Gold star for Groomy.

2012-11-13 12.55.19

Um, how high do we go again?

2012-11-13 12.55.502012-11-13 12.57.562012-11-13 12.27.45

The clear ocean was honestly breathtaking and it was a one of a kind view of Key West—but never again will I parasail! Both feet on the ground from now on.

We were so relieved after our parasailing terror. We stopped and grabbed a bite to eat and chatted with the locals. It’s so interesting to meet people when traveling and my husband could make friends with a bum under a bridge.

2012-11-13 12.42.182012-11-13 12.37.392012-11-13 12.17.492012-11-13 12.17.56

We stopped at Coyote Ugly and had a fun game of “flip cup” with the bartenders. I had never been to a Coyote Ugly bar before and really enjoyed the party atmosphere. This is definitely the kind of place for twenty-something crowd! We even had a booty shaking contest, which Matt said I won by a long shot. Winning!

2012-11-13 14.22.38 2012-11-13 14.20.14 2012-11-13 14.31.18 2012-11-13 14.37.10

After flip cup fun, we did some walking around/souvenir shopping/goofing off. Typical for us.

2012-11-13 15.15.46

Such a gentleman!

2012-11-13 13.31.56      2012-11-13 13.47.34  2012-11-13 15.14.39

We stopped at this little restaurant for some burgers in the afternoon. It was tough to pick  a place because there were so many restaurants to choose from!

2012-11-13 15.23.53 2012-11-13 15.24.002012-11-13 15.26.17 2012-11-13 15.29.51 2012-11-13 15.43.37

The Mad Rooster was a good choice—the burgers were awesome and the beer was cheap.

We had to stop at  Margaritaville and get two delicious margaritas.

2012-11-13 16.30.04

Beach please.

2012-11-13 16.36.01).2012-11-13 16.36.502012-11-13 16.37.01

And we ended the day in Key West with a beautiful sunset. It’s definitely a place that we would come back to!

. 2012-11-13 16.51.09

Getting back on the boat was an easy process—we even snuck on our own cheap liquor. Shhh!! Don’t tell!! We were pretty excited about it.2012-11-13 17.15.10

Stay tuned for what’s coming up:

-Special Guest Post

-Honeymoon Part 2

Wedding Re-cap

Day before…

The week of the wedding, I was completely drained: emotionally and physically. We were dealing with the booking issues with our venue and I had just moved into the new house. Boxes everywhere. I was searching for wedding stuff, important documents and also packing any clothes I could find for our honeymoon. 

With all of this stress, I dedicated the day before the wedding for pampering and relaxation. That morning, I went for a short run and took the time to collect my thoughts and emotions. There is so much emotion in the bride on this day—I felt like I was going to burst if I couldn’t find a way to release all of the tension I felt. My run was leisurely and peaceful. Just what I need before the next 48 hours commenced!

After my run, I stopped at the tanning salon to get one last session in before the big day. I’m not a huge fan of tanning beds but I was really disappointed with the airbrush tan that I got for my bridal portraits. Despite following all of the instructions from the consultant, my fake bake tan flaked off quickly and did not adequately mask my swimsuit tan lines. I didn’t want to chance the same fate for my wedding day.

After tanning, I loaded up my doggies and headed to my parent’s house in Conroe to get ready for the rehearsal and the dinner following. I thought I had plenty of time to get my nails and toes done before dinner. Unfortunately, I got stuck in awful traffic on 45 and ended up having to seriously rush the nail salon when I finally got to Conroe. As soon as the salon was done painting my toes, I bolted out the door to head to the venue for rehearsal. Talk about stressful. Lesson #1: Have your nails/toes does TWO days before the big day. You’ve got enough to worry about on the day before.

The rehearsal was frustrating. I’ve been to several other wedding rehearsals and always leave with this feeling. It’s never organized. Everyone is trying to talk at the same time. But what made it worse is that the “coordinators” at our venue refused to take part in any of our wedding. Luckily, I had a wonderful aunt who stepped in to help. As soon as she arrived, things went smoothly and we were able to get out of there and eat some good Mexican food. Lesson #2: Know exactly how you want everyone to stand and the order you want them to come in.

Day of!!!

So many emotions ran through me on the day of the wedding. The morning of, my mom held a brunch at her house for the bridal party and family. A casual morning at home with good food and great people (and plenty of coffee) to kick-off the day. Perfect! I wanted to run as soon as I woke up. Ladies, don’t plan on this happening on your wedding day. I got through about a mile and then turned around to head back, frustrated because my phone WOULD. NOT. STOP. RINGING. Everyone and their dog had a problem: the venue isn’t open, OMG we forgot to do the programs, the groom is still sleeping, what time does the hairdresser come, where are the bridesmaids. This is where a wedding coordinator will really come in handy. Regardless, we got it all taken care of.

Getting ready on the day of is just chaotic, to put it simply. You have 15 women running around getting their hair and make up done, y0u’re checking on people and vendors, taking pictures, trying to breathe. Oh no, I forgot my checkbook and we have to go back to the house. That puts us behind 15 minutes. Lesson #3: Give yourself at least 2 hours of extra time to make up for the mishaps and emergencies.

Can you see how easy it is to lose your mind? We were a little late to the venue but it was beautiful when we arrived. The decor and the view of the lake were a beautiful setting for the reception. It was at this point that I started getting excited and remembering why we were doing all of this craziness.


Getting ready in the room with my bridesmaids was wonderful—they are all sweet, supportive girls that did whatever it took to make me feel beautiful, comfortable and at ease on my special day. I can’t thank them enough for being my saving grace!


Saying “I do”

As soon as we were all dressed and just before the ceremony, Matt and I did a special “first look” but not really looking picture. It is, by far, my favorite memory of our wedding day. I remember feeling stressed and nervous. Hoping that everyone like my dress and that my veil would stay put during the ceremony. Praying that the conflicts with the venue could subside for a few hours and that we could enjoy our big day. Worried that I would trip down the aisle or mess up the vows at the altar.0272

But as soon as I grabbed his hand, all of that went away. And I couldn’t stop crying happy tears. So happy for this man that God sent  me. So happy that we were starting our lives together very shortly. So happy that I could hear his voice (and his jokes) on the other side of the shade. It was the perfect moment.

After that, my nerves subsided and I was excited for the ceremony. I didn’t trip. My veil didn’t blow away. I recited my vows with the utmost grammatic perfection. And I walked away as Mrs. Simpson.

0315 0327033503740447

Time to Party!!

The reception was a great party! It was at the same venue as the ceremony so it made it much easier on our guests. My only wish is that it would have lasted longer. The night was jam-packed as soon as we walked in the door. Here’s the breakdown: Intro, prayer, eat dinner, toasts, first dance, father/daugher dance, mother/son dance, chair game, dollar dance, dance party, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, exit. A lot to do in four hours!

064307490866 0695 The chair game was a big hit! I strongly suggest that reception game to all you other brides. Everyone laughed and got into it and they also learned a lot about Matt and me.0928

Of course the Aggie War Hymn was included. WHOOP!

Everyone loved the photobooth, too. It’s so much fun to see everyone’s pictures throughout the night. If it’s in your budget, I would highly suggest including some photobooth entertainment in your reception.0634

The sparklers were fun for the exit—I loved them! We hugged everyone and said our goodbyes and, with a train horn “honk”, we left for our honeymoon suite at La Torretta on Lake Conroe.0980

Best night of our lives!


A day after and honeymoon re-cap will be here soon! I’ll also eventually do a vendor review post for future brides :)


I don’t know about all of you, but getting back to the daily grind today has been more difficult than it usually is for me. As a nation, we are all emotionally recovering from the horrific events that happened in Connecticut on Friday. There are no words that I or anyone can speak that will heal the immense sadness that has been brought on by this tragedy. My prayers and thoughts are with the families and victims of the massacre and that they will find solace in the Lord from their grief.


It’s Official

Say hello to Mrs. Meagan Simpson!

After all the craziness from the wedding, married life has been a dream.

Matt and I are still really busy fixing up the house, taking care of the dogs, Christmas shopping, writing thank you/christmas cards, getting involved in our church, learning to cook together, etc. But our daily life is not anywhere near as stressful as the wedding was. I vaguely remember the week before my wedding. I’m pretty sure I cried every day about something wedding related (my venue booking another event, getting the wrong dj, etc). But surprisingly, the day of the wedding went perfectly.

A recap of the wedding day’s events will be soon, I promise! 

What now?!?!

Until now, I never realized how the wedding planning put a hold on so many things in my life: nights out, running, cooking, home decor, scrapbooking and, of course, blogging. But now that my life is back to a semi-normal schedule, I can get back to my roots!

A few things on my to-do list:

  • Get back into running (currently doing 3 miles/3 days a week)
  • Put together a scrapbook of the wedding fun as well as the honeymoon cruise
  • Try out different recipes
  • Finish decorating the house
  • Volunteer at the local animal shelter
  • Blog at least three times a week
  • Work on my 101 in 1001 list

101 in 1001

Did my last task throw you for a loop? I saw this on another blog and immediately became inspired to start my own list. It’s a short-term bucket list, if you will, of 101 things to do in 1001 days. Activities, good habits, challenges that you can complete individually or with your family as a whole.

Here are some of the tasks that I have already completed:

077. Not go on Facebook or Pinterest for an entire week
080. Go to a comedy club with hubby
085. Sing karaoke (at my rehearsal dinner AND on the cruise)

The list inspires me to go out and do things, enjoy life to the fullest! More on the 101 in 1001 to come later :)

Looking forward to cooking some Apple Chicken stir-fry tonight—I found the recipe online and it looks awesome (and healthy!). Now back to the daily grind :)

Two weeks til Mrs. Simpson

Only two weeks left on this crazy journey! And I really can’t wait to be Mrs. Simpson.

It sounds awful to say, but I am so ready for all of this craziness to be over. Every day, I’m busy from 7am until 9pm. Planning the wedding, getting ready for the bachelorette party, planning things for the honeymoon, picking out paint for the house, packing for the move—the list never ends!!!

Not that I’m complaining :). I have completely enjoyed being a bride for two years. A few highlights of my reign: 

Going to the Bridal Extravaganza (THREE times) was the best experience. The vendors make you feel like royalty as the bride-to-be. I hope that I can be in someone else’s wedding soon so that I can drag them to these fun things :)

I have attended two beautiful bridal showers thrown in my honor. Seeing the gifts that will soon dwell in our first home is so surreal and exciting! My family and future family put so much effort into planning my showers and I couldn’t feel more appreciative of their love and support.

I know I will have a blast in College Station for my bachelorette party this weekend. Northgate is always a good time, especially on Halloween :) Watch out C-stat, trouble is on its way!

My engagement photo session and my bridal portrait session are probably my favorite parts, so far, about this entire experience. A picture is meant to capture a moment in time and freeze it. You can look at a picture of yourself and go back to that moment in an instant, remembering yourself in that time and how you felt. Every time I look at these pictures, I remember how incredible it felt, to be looking into the eyes of my future husband and smiling (and laughing). I remember how beautiful I felt standing in my wedding gown, hearing people honking and shouting “Congratulations”.

It’s these memories that keep me in check. These moments help me to remember, in the midst of all the planning, that the purpose of this event is to celebrate the joining of two lives. That’s the bottom line. After I remind myself of that, the event details seem so insignificant.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be that bride. The bride that says, “Who cares?” when so many things go astray. The bride that says “Whatever” when her maid of honor bails two months before the wedding. The bride that doesn’t obsess over all of the details and planning. I’m usually very Type A and I’ve always imagined myself  being a bridezilla. Turns out I am the exact opposite. God has a funny sense of humor.

*Just reread my last post—okay, maybe I did have one bridezilla moment :)

Dukan Diet

Even if the details don’t matter to me as much, I still need to fit into my dress. That’s kind of important…I can’t walk down the aisle without my dress.

I haven’t tried it on since my bridals in September. I’m planning to put it on Sunday, just to make sure it’s not too snug or too loose. Cross your fingers!!

Meanwhile, I’m experimenting with the Dukan Diet and so far I love the results. This is the same diet that Kate Middleton and her mom have done to lose weight.

I figured if it’s good enough for the princess, it’s good enough for me! I’ve only been on the “attack” phase for about four days and I’ve lost about three pounds. Sticking to protein only, I cut out carbs and fat almost completely. Only a few cheats here and there….I’m hoping that if I can keep this up for two more weeks, I’ll be a bombshell bride on November 10th! 

Wedding To Do List

  • Programs
  • Favors
  • Groom’s gift
  • Moms’ gifts
  • Bridal Party gifts
  • Sand vases
  • Ring bearer sign
  • Wedding shoes
  • Head count

Not too shabby. But I know this list will keep growing up until the day of the wedding. That cruise to the Bahamas is the light at the end of this tunnel!!!

Lunchtime Let-go

It’s lunchtime in my place of work…..

….and I need to let go of a few things, get them off my chest, so to speak.

I have a confession to make.

I really fell off the healthy wagon in September. I ate whatever I felt like eating (mostly chocolate). I hardly ran. I made excuses.

To my defense, I did do several HitFit classes but as I’ve said before, abs are made in the kitchen baby and if you don’t eat correctly, exercise is not going to help you lose the weight.

My poor eating habits and lack of sufficient exercise has caused me to gain 5 lbs and hit 130, which I haven’t been in over a year. Big sad face.

WELP! It’s a wake up call. A good reality check. I’m not perfect. I am human and I make mistakes. Sometimes I eat junk food, sometimes I skip workouts. But I am determined to stay fit!

And that’s why I’m getting back on the wagon–“the eat right, exercise every day, take care of myself” wagon. I will lose myself in cooking healthy meals, being the best soon-to-be wifey I can be, relishing in half marathon training, and HitFit-ting it up until I reach my goals…. And then I’ll just keep on going!!!

 Anyone want to join me?

When Bridezilla Attacks…

So much for the good news. Now bear with me while I go on a massive bridezilla rant. The calmness that I felt after the first few road bumps has subsided. Now, I am angry!

Oh dear, Alfred Angelo on Post Oak. You are in for a rude awakening when I stop by after work today :)

I wish I could give this place zero stars. I found my bridesmaids dresses at a different Alfred Angelo store, which had excellent service by the way. Because of the proximity, I had to order one of my bridesmaid’s dresses through this particular store. The attendants are very rude, the parking situation is horrible because of a nearby restaurant, and the customer service is non-existent.

When my best friend and maid of honor backed out of the wedding (and our friendship), I called the store and asked them to please take her name and phone number off of the account and to call me (the bride) when the dress was ready.

After all my other bridesmaid’s dresses came in, I had to call this store and inquire where the dress was–they said they called my previous maid of honor and she had to explain that she was no longer in the wedding. GRRRRRR!!!!

First of all, they should have called me first when the dress came in, as I requested. Calling her is exactly what SHOULDN’T have happened.

Second, why didn’t they call me to pick up the dress after they found out she was no longer in the wedding? Come on people, it’s not rocket science! My patience for stupidity is running so thin these days.

To add the icing on the cake, the attendant with attitude I spoke to had the balls to say, “Let me go check to see if the dress is still here.”  

Oh, my dear, never say that to a bride who’s wedding is in 46 days (but who’s counting?) and you better hope that the dress is still there or I will be at your little store every day “checking” to make sure that you are rush ordering me a new dress, free of charge, with a beautiful headpiece thrown in for the blushing bride. Is that blush or my head exploding in fury? Never can tell….

Stay tuned for updates about my recent bridal portraits and  this past weekend’s bridal shower and all of our fabulous gifts that will soon dwell in our first home together!

Gotta end this blog post on a good nostalgic note :)

Free Stuff Fetish


Just a quick post during my lunch break, no big deal.

I came to the realization today that I have an obsession with getting free stuff–doesn’t matter if I need it/want it or not. I’ll find a way to utilize anything that has that FREE label on it! So today’s post is dedicated to all of the free stuff that I’ve gotten just in the past week…it’s a little scary!

HitFit FitFix Challenge (say that five times fast…)

So, as most of you know, I joined HitFit a little less than a month ago and I am addicted. I love that I’m moving for 45 minutes straight and I can feel the workout for days afterward #neverbeensosore. Since I’m lovin’ it so much and sweating for that dress in November, I signed up for the FREE FitFix Challenge, a 6 week challenge within the HitFit community to see who can make the biggest body transformation in six weeks through a combination of clean eating and exercise. I submit a food/workout journal every three days to keep track of my progress.

If I win, I get $100 to Lululemon (whoop!).

If I don’t win, I will have worked my butt off to look extra hot in my wedding gown. And that is a good prize to work towards :)

Toby Keith Brantley Gilbert Concert

Groomy won tickets on the radio to a Toby Keith concert in the Woodlands last weekend. Even though I’m not the biggest country fan, I wanted to go regardless. Who on earth would give up free tickets and extra time with your best friend? Not this girl.

Gotta get a foot pic :)

 We didn’t stay for Toby Keith but we did get to see Brantley Gilbert. Such a great performer! Even though the booze was $13 a pop for a 24 oz (ouch!), we enjoyed the concert and the extra time together!

The only picture I have is of pink lights—how predictable!

Vanity Light

Last week, I got a mass email from a student giving away some free stuff. Of course, I click on it immediately.

Ignore all the junk on my desk…

Welp, early bird gets the worm and this chick got a free vanity light–surprisingly very heavy duty.

I’m not a big gold fan so I’ll most likely paint it either black or platinum to match our new bathroom. And I looked extra special walking down the street with my treasure in tow–burglar or hoarder??? I don’t think any onlookers could decide….

Have a great Thursday!

HitFit Hell

Well Hi There, Strangers!

It has been a good while since I posted. Life has been so hectic with the new job, wedding planning, half marathon training. I’m just trying to keep up! So much has happened since my last post so I will try to squeeze everything in….

River Weekend

We had such a blast floating the Guadelupe River this year. There were a lot of people unable to make it and because it was the weekend before school starts back up, it was like we had the river to ourselves! Smaller crowd has its pros and cons—nights not as crazy, mornings are not as hungover. But I have to admit I kind of missed the usual river atmosphere–tents galore, tubes everywhere, waking up to a half naked man asleep face up on a picnic table: fun times.

 And, I ran 9 miles on River Road! WHOOP! I had a little knee trouble at the end, but I finished. It was a great way to start the day. There were deer everywhere as well as runners and cyclists enjoying the peaceful morning. A very memorable run to say the least.

HitFit Hell

I recently started this boot camp that I found off of living social ($20 for one month of unlimited classes!). Now, I’ve been a competitive athlete for the majority of my life. I’ve done Crossfit (pretty hardcore), and if you read my blog you know I like to run. Needless to say I’m familiar with intense workouts.

I have never done workouts as difficult as what HitFit has to offer. It is 45 minutes of non-stop moving: pushups, sit ups, squats, lunges, any move under the sun. Some moves I have never even heard of but they make my muscles burn and make me sweat like a hooker in church. Last night, I went to my fourth session and I collapsed twice from pure muscle exhaustion. My body could not even hold itself up. And I’m feeling it today!

If you live in the Houston area and want a REALLY tough workout, no modifications, no nonsense, you should try HitFit. You’ll never stop working and you’ll get addicted! As hard as the workout was yesterday, I find myself looking at the schedule to see when the next class is—you feel so accomplished after you finish that you can’t wait look forward to the next session.

Wedding Whirlwind

Wedding day is getting sooo close! I can hardly take it. All the planning is falling into place with a few hiccups (one bridesmaid fell off the deep end, my harpist double booked, my hotels double booked). Regardless, I’m calm yet excited and anxious for the day to get here.

On Sunday, Matt and I also found out that our pastor is available and has agreed to officiate our ceremony!!! We have grown close to him and his wife and we are so elated that they will be such an integral part of our special day.

We did our tasting last weekend for the food and found out how fabulous Bentwater’s catering is. This was one thing Matt and I were worried about because bad food can really ruin a good reception. All of our fears were put to rest as soon as our first course came out! Buffalo sliders, antipasto platters, quiche, mouth-watering steak, italian chicken and vegetable medley are all on the menu so far. We are also doing a signature cocktail to reflect our wedding colors.

I really can’t wait to see all of these plans come to life :)

Bridezilla To Do List

  • Bridal Portraits are in less than two weeks (still can’t quite decide how I want to do my hair…)
  • First bridal shower is also in two weeks (need a cute outfit)
  • Finish up all of our DIY projects

Still have a lot of things to catch up on! River weekend pictures, my new matron of honor, paleo, etc. Stay tuned :)

Picture Perfect

Training for the Olympics Half Marathon

I’ve been slacking on the training a bit–still doing my long runs (8 miles so far!) every Saturday but I’m slacking on the weekday “maintenance” runs (ie 3 miles, 4 miles) . I have really submitted to the fact that I’m not trying to win a gold medal with this half marathon. I would just like to finish for my first race!  With as much as I have going on right now, I don’t want to get down on myself for not having a perfect training record. I’m the bride and, therefore, I am exempt from being perfect :)

Wedding ~80 days-ish

Wow. Is this flying by for anyone else? I feel like I can’t even keep up with the time! I’m so glad that we got the majority of the planning out of the way ahead of time. The only thing on our big to-do list that has not been completed is the flowers. We are considering taking the DIY route for our budget (who wants to pay $3000 for flowers for ONE DAY?!?!). No, I’m thinking we need to take off a zero on that price :)

Now we are mainly focusing on the little tasks–favors, programs, decor, bridal showers, invitations, centerpieces, bridal portraits, etc. Speaking of…..

FMIL gave me a few pics to use for our wedding slideshow. How adorable is this???

Burn that shirt, B

Not sure what happened with B’s sweater—definitely a lapse in judgement. That’s okay, we’ll saw the horns off for the wedding pics :)

Cutest picture of them all! We are putting this one in black and white on the Men’s bathroom door. I hope we have a little boy that looks just like this :) He would get away with EVERYTHING–who can resist that smile?


 Pop, Lock and Shop it!

We did a lot of shopping this weekend for tax free purposes (whoop!). We got wayyyy to much stuff but it was a much needed shopping spree. We went to our favorite restaurant with our favorite couple, B and Mal, on Saturday night to get our Greek fix.

Love this picture of my Groomy.

Pretty in Pink

I will post more this week—we have a lot to catch up on! Boot camp, river trip, and some fabulous pre-marital counseling content. Just one more picture for your Tuesday morning :)

Toots no like mornings. Bed is better.